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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 22, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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collapses during construction and that, we will have more details on what happened coming out. olympic run the oscar pistorius is back at the south african court today for his bail hearing. he is accused of killing of the front on valentine's day. we are waiting on a decision this morning.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> it is 6:00 in the developing stories we are following a deadly accident in redwood city. jackie sissel is live at the scene of the crash. we're pretty much in the heat of a commute at 68 am. does this seem to be affecting traffic at all? >> it is not really affecting traffic. there are several businesses in this area that the workers will be affected by. you could see the roadway on east bayshore remains closed. you can see police officers are still in the area investigating this fatal car accident that happened
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several hours ago. i don't think it will have much affect on 1 01 or traffic necessarily in that area. you could see some workers are being forced to walk down to their job. this happened earlier this morning when a single car driving down east bayshore lost control, i had a fire hydrant. a person inside the car was ejected and pronounced dead at the same. the car continued driving without a driver and it and ultimately crashed into a storage unit facility. not a lot of information on what caused the accident at this point daria. as they alert has been issued and 1 01 is just on the other side of those drums right there. ottawa when you can't really see it because of the shrubs, i cannot imagine it will cause a lot of traffic issues on 1 01. it will have an effect on people trying to get to work this morning. >> there is a possibility
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for just some congests gen. i'm going to switch over to a map that has been provided for us by caltrans. i will show you the area and closer detail. this is highway 1 01, this is woodside road and highway 84 where it crosses. frontage road runs along here and then turns out to become a seaport road. it is right here with this accident occurred so the possibility exists that it is closers days emplace traffic could try to exit woodside road or mars road and back up on highway 1 01. that is likely the only traffic impact that we will see that could possibly turn this into a hot spot. in the meantime, of traffic continues to move well through the area. >> temperatures right now at
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the free it was the mark and vallejo. 34 santa rosa. chilly start to the morning, warmer conditions and not as would be as we head into the afternoon. i will have a full details of your weekend forecast including the potential for some rain coming up in just a bit. >> we have been following is rolling out to buy protest right now intemperances go. all for an effort for this this to remain credited. >> i am in the administrative building in the lobby and the students spent the night here. you could see this fleabags out, i will not be too loud because they're still sleeping. -- sleeping bags they're not coming out in force them to leave until at least 8:00 and the morning when they will call administrators and decide what they will do. they will
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emost likely have to move. in the meantime, they are fine. the students want a chance to meet and give their ideas on how to keep the school writing and keep their accreditation going on. they want to keep this place from being shut down but the school needs to make drastic changes. this could happen as early as june. eric launch has been involved with this since 130 yesterday afternoon 150 people were involved? >> yes we came and tried to talk to chancellor arrays. unfortunately the chancellor on the day she was supposed to be here to listen to are the students was not here to hear our demands. >> how many times that you said we just have these proposals and these things we can prevent this from happening?
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>> we have been asking about this for months. we have for concrete demands that we have raised. we have a different vision as to how we can chasave the school. the only way to keep it open is to drastically cut it, we do not think that is necessary. we are calling on the chancellor to side with us to call on city hall to give us extra money if we needed to keep it open. also to show the accreditation commission what needs to be changed. the accreditation committee it is a scam and is run by people like a private financing, everything is private. city college needs to stay open. we're calling on the chancellor to change her position and to help the students by keeping this a successful institution. >> the lights are starting to come on and they have two hours to decide what they're going to do. they've been
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not a confrontational and everyone is very appreciative that the students been this way. >> we will keep watching and checking in with will tran. >> over the bay bridge this morning were authorities a crane their top lower yesterday will not delay the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. here's a live look of the bridge. no one was hurt and nothing we've done to the bay with a crane on a barge underneath when the news banthat is and tipped over. a spokesperson with the bridge says the grain was being used to remove a temporary support structure allows only a piece of the structure when it fell at around noon yesterday. paine
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was damage on the underside of across being, but no damage was apparent to the bridge itself. and it read it bridge is expected to open over labor day weekend. >> we are learning that one of the three victims killed in a deadly shooting an car accident on the last vegas strip was from oakland. oakland resident kenneth cherry, jr. also known by his stage name canny clutch. the 27 year- old driving a grandma's are ready when he was shot and killed while at a stoplight. his father tekenneth cherry seen here says the son was making a name for itself as
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an artist and las vegas. he leaves behind three young children. meanwhile las vegas police are searching for a black range rover sport as you be that fled the scene. police said the city started after a are you head and a ballet area of mario bros resort hotel. authorities say at least one person in the range rover shot at the mines are ready and then ran a red light and crashed into a taxi. the tax then burst into flames killing the driver and passenger sinside. >> we're waiting word out of south everett on whether oscar pistorius will be granted bail are not. it was about to come out around 430 our time but it has not. nobody a stream is coming out right now. we the monitoring allied stream audio. right now, the judge
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is going to the details of the stories is that an accord says what he says happened valentine's day morning. the judge is rehashing the details, pistorius is out the very loudly, shoulders shaking visibly upset. the judges out proceedings as the story as if he is ok and he as he is crying and shaking as the ruling is red. we'll be right back as a kron4 morning news continues. well, well, well.
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>> following the latest of the boeing 787 dream liner, united airlines is keeping a ground boeing 787 op is scheduled through june fed. investigators are still trying to figure out what of the battery fire and a second battery problem last month. current lights will be both want to let least may 12th. the world fleet of 5787 has been grounded since january 16th. boeing's latest plan is the but more modern equipment on lithium ion batteries as protective layer around the batteries. they are waiting for at a of her will to do another test flight. >> same-sex couples or challenging california's ban on gay marriage say the constitution prohibits discrimination against them in the nation's largest state where it was of the u.s. for that matter. at a brief filed yesterday, san
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sex couples say that 30 states that prohibit the marriage amounts to a bad of inferiority. they laid out several options for the court to consider but stopped short of declaring full marriage equality across the country. the supreme court hears arguments on proposition march 8, 1926. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news, the woman was issued on a finger in her food at wendy's is behind bars again. we will have more on why she is in trouble now.
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>> 616 and that are getting wild again. another snowstorm is making its way across the party's right now. here's video from the storm. all of your screen a plan to step in the snow at wichita airport. several inches of snow cover the rest of the town. there also videos of the snow coming down in kansas city, you can see a slowing in chicago. areas of the northeast iowa and southern wisconsin are expected to see at the seven ends of snow today. no traffic is rolling over there. this is the north east wisconsin area.
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>> michigan and wisconsin are expected to get the most snow. 67 and is there. you can see that on your screen highlighted in the blue and purple. that is where we will see snowfall. and the southern half of the country that indicates moderate to heavy rain. yesterday we saw upwards of a foot of snow for the heartland we saw winter weather advisories and warnings stretching from arizona all way to virginia. this is something we will continue to monitor. i want to focus our attention on our local forecast. at the freezing mark in vallejo, and about 45, out for 30's in san mateo. future cast four tracks those numbers for today and you can see it is a split decision between green and blue on your screen. blue indicates '50s drama heart of the bay.
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setting the clock into motion you will see a lot of the balloons turn to green. we will see more and the weight of 60s and we saw yesterday. winds will not be as bad a factor. by 8:00 p.m. tonight mainly '50s for everyone. if you are out and about it looks like you'll have a bundle up, temperatures in the '40's for the limit or valley. after nine highs, we are expecting the sunshine. 62 sunnyvale, 63 campbell. walnut creek, 64, 63 antioch, downtown san francisco upper 50s. 50 and novato, 63 oakland. satellite and radar is monitoring the better weather story. you can see activity on the top of your screen and that is a cold from bringing rain to the pacific northwest. later on
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tonight it will shift closer to or in california and would that we could see a lot of clout coverage. with that looks like rain. if we see any it will be likely north of the golden gate bridge. we would just be contending with cooler temperatures. temperatures to go back down into the upper 50s as we head into the saturday. plenty of sunshine and '60s to go round a warming trend as we start the next work week. by thursday, most locations we are talking upper 60s. >> this friday morning we're not tracking any hot spots. we're looking at lighter traffic at the bay bridge and the westbound direction. this is a time when the metering lights get activated. with even with those is not backed up. the san mateo bridge is a good commute, a 11 minute drive time as you head westward coming across from hayward to foster city. the ride to
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the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound is an easy ride coming in from marin county. we are incident free and mostly delay free through marin. we are tracking once said alert on the peninsula and redwood city at bay from road leading out to sea for road. at the intersection of bay front and the quest. it is set down and acicular was issued by the chp well redwood city police department investigates this solo fatal crash. so far is not affected the ride along a freeway. >> of vessel that uc santa cruz again tonight safety program at released last week against sexual assault on campus. the next several weeks, the university is providing band's of that can be dispatched anywhere on campus for students, faculty and visitors in asap as gore. the basil operate from 8:00 p.m. to 245 in the morning and will help people to go bust the campus
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or park their car in a remote campus lot and have a w to walk a ways back. last sunday a 21 year-old woman was raped and beaten while walking in a wooded area of campus near the upper corrie amphitheater and a classroom unit building. >> the woman behind the wendies bigger and a chilly case in san jose as the arrested again. this is video of her court appearance back in 2006. prosecutors say anna ayala apparently lied to police to protect her son, of who has a previous burglary conviction and is not allowed to possess of gun. police, guadalupe jr. reyes a self of the the gunshot wound to his ankle.
6:24 am
initially reyes told officers he was approached by two people shot him and i allowed back up the story. even the why of vivid description of the suspects. anna ayala who was released from prison in 2009 after serving four years of the chili is that now faces a maximum sentence of another four. >> new video this morning out of new zealand were hundreds of people gathered to mark the second anniversary of an earthquake that destroyed thousands of homes and killed 185 people. a memorial service was out of the city of christchurch today people round new zealand observe two minutes of silence to mark the time the 6.1 magnitude quake struck. prime minister john he talked about ongoing rebuilding efforts. he says he understands frustration about the time it's taking to rebuild homes. but that a few years, christ church will be one of the most livable cities in the world.
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authorities say a medical helicopter scratch in oklahoma city killing two people and andrea third. the columbus city fire department says the crash happened this morning, a crash at and near the san nursing-home in northwest oklahoma city. a large it is armed system has blanketed much of the midwest and plains and snow, but it is not clear whether play a role in the crash.
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>> is that the story has just granted bail. the judge what over every single detail of the case of the olympian who had both legs amputated. he ran on both blades that and is now nicknamed the blade runner. he is accused of shooting his girlfriend, a model. the judge is determined that the case against them for premeditated murder, is possible that pistorius s's side for the events as possible. that ruling came
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>> breaking news story out of staff after cut was corpus there is a has been granted bail and the shooting death of his girlfriend.
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>-- oscar pistorius. we're listening in leipzig hearing this morning, oscar pistorius granted bail. >> with about a developing story of redwood city this morning when police are on the scene of a fatal accident that happened this morning on the 1700 block of east shore road. jackie sissel is on the scene. >> they are not telling us how far away they are from opening up east bayshore. you could see investigators remain out here. they sell have evidence to collect air taking measurements. this is where the scene of a single car, a single fatality accident hurt happened
6:33 am
earlier this morning. i do have a lot of ever mason but we do know that a car traveling on east bay shore lost control, slammed into a fire hydrant and at some point the driver of the car was ejected and is now out that at the scene. at that point the car continued to careen down east bayshore and ended up in a storage unit facility. obviously the scene is a rather large. about half mile of east bayshore is shut down and both directions at this point. is not causing much of a way of traffic on 1 01, the area that a close all 10 to 15 businesses. those are being affected by right now, no determination from the police on the scene as to how much longer they will be out here. >> we will this have to wait and see about that. letake you for the update.
6:34 am
>> no indication when it will clear the scene, the question is whether or not this is quite an impact on freeway traffic or woodside road traffic. let's show you that location on the traffic maps. and redwood city, they fret runs east of the bayshore freeway. it runs between the bayfront expressway which is the continuation of the dumbarton bridge. it starts right here and run some right here. this is where it ends and become seaport boulevard. it is right here and blow quest that the closer is an of fact. the problem as it could drop back up the traffic onto woodside road on 21 01 and march road. so far as they have had no of none of those impact on the major commute areas. >> we start off with sunshine of freezing temperatures and the north bay into the afternoon. 60s for just about everyone. an
6:35 am
increase in cloud cover later on tonight, out full details on your we can forecast coming up in my next report. >> the investigation continues right now and to what caused a crane to collapse outside of the bay bridge. mike pelton is talking about the cleanup and the investigation this morning. >> caltrans tell me off as a construction will resume on the bridge this morning. crews will need to bring in that is no equipment to fully clean up the mess left behind from yesterday's accident. there is video from a helicopter% of abc's seven is very they were helping or move some temporary support from the new east span when it's out will over just after noon that yesterday. officials
6:36 am
say it did not damage the bridge itself. witnesses are shocked to see this happen. >> a huge, loud crashing noise. mel falling down. it's just a mass of the amount of the brown under the heading basically coming down. the first-aid whether my mind was that it was not a natural thing. this i was hoping that no one had gotten hurt. >> fortunately the crane did not injure anyone. officials did not believe this will delay the opening of the new east span set for labor day weekend. >> following the latest with to build better and they're reducing gun violence are closer to becoming law this morning. last night, the city operations a neighborhood services committee unanimously recommended let's starlegislation that spony
6:37 am
sampras as goes supervisor malia coed and their ed lee. one measure would prohibit the sale of certain ammunition intended for the military and law enforcement another bill would require arms dealers to notify police of ammunition sales of 500 more rounds of a single purchase. both bills of the support of this and this is a police apartment. another reminder tomorrow east palo alto will be holding a gun buyback 4 but has less cities. police agencies and east palo alto, menlo park, and palo alto are sponsoring the gun purchase and that which will take place in the parking lot of the east palo alto city hall between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.. there will be accepted anonymously with no questions asked. you get $100 for a handgun, $2 for a
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>> 6:30 a.m. and one month into his second term by new poll shows president obama has a majority of the country's support. according to cnn, 52 percent approve of how he is handling his job as president. 43 percent disapprove. the poll is an average of four national surveys of the press of a proven ready, conducted over the past eight days. >> president obama is welcoming japan's new prime minister to the white house. the two leaders are expected later today an oval office to reinforce their longstanding alliance at a time of high tension that supply and japan signed a territorial dispute and north korean nuclear test.
6:42 am
the new prime ministers as the is in favor of stronger relations with washington. that is something that is key to america's policy in asia. a judge has sentenced drew peterson to 30 years in prison for murder of his third wife. the former chicago police officer gained national attention after his fourth wife a bad as in 2007. he is convicted of kathleen savio's 2004 death. her body was found in a bathtub at a home with a gash on her head. peterson is also a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife but hasn't been charged with that. he shot the court room by shouting i did not kill kathleen. the judge also denied a request for a
6:43 am
new trial. we will be right back.
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>> redwood city police are responding to a deadly accident that happen in the 1700 block of east bayshore road this morning. is that down traffic along this road way. while they are investigating, is not actually on the highway. about 40 people have been camped out overnight at city college intemperances go be as they want them put into the college as the houses they accredited. they are occupying the administration building since 1230 yesterday afternoon. a nice weekend and the bay area, a live look from our mt. tam cam. >> right now is for a cold but temperatures will be warmer compared to
6:47 am
yesterday. the winds are really not a factor, it will be mild out there. sam francisco was at 45, 36 concord, low 40's and oakland. future cast for attracting as temperatures throughout the day. if you're heading out to lunch, but its look like he was the green and blue on your screen it just of the where you're located. did these are the east bay's shoreline the peninsula and the coast line. we will see 60s into the afternoon and by 2:00 p.m. the afternoon highs, the great >> as is great. friday you out about into mergers at a 50 for the most part the red for today, your highs most locations in the '60s.
6:48 am
64 cupertino, 61 mountain view in fremont, walnut creek 64, low 60s dead bird in antioch, 62 for livermore, a 60 and about. up mild sunny day on that and you're headed to tahoe for the weekend. light winds, mostly cloudy conditions is what we're anticipating for today. will the cold front that could bring some isolated snow showers sunday morning. -- saturday morning. 7 day around the bay shows mild weather with the exception of saturday. we could see some cloud cover and sprinkle of the north bay. next week sunshine and a little bit of a warming trend as we approach and two others at. >> we ermines during a
6:49 am
similar here that has backed up traffic on the 1 01. kron4 is an jackie sissel is still on the scene of this fatal accident in redwood city. it on bayshore road right at st. for boulevard. the bay bridges still a pretty good ride, incident free in drive times are running 16 to 18 minutes. san mateo bridge 11 minute drive time. golden gate bridge, a light one with no problems and northbound or southbound. after some early warning delays on a strain that things for public transit are getting much back to normal. >> 647 a m and the latest
6:50 am
surge to five human remains with the speed freak serial killers wesley shermantine and the late loren herzog failed to locate additional victims. death row inmate sherman teen had written numerous letters over the years. he had previously had the five locations it carries and san joaquin counties where human bone fragments were found last year, but nothing was recovered and the most recent date. the six weeks excavation coul$2,000 cost 200 and thousand dollars and zero. the latest effort 17 release one letter saying the fbi was the in the wrong spot. >> in fairfield man accused of killing 830 your girl pleaded not guilty. anthony lamar jones is being charged with sexual assault and murder. genelle conway-a
6:51 am
llen body was out of the parking at allen witt park in fairfield february 1st. dell will appear in court later again this month. her funeral was held at for their ability and ebony's the city cemetery. it was a quiet ceremony with the music or singing. some brought flowers a book on her white casket. >> i miss her so much, that is my baby. >> she can draw, she would cover every single wall. she is at so much energy. she made everybody happy.
6:52 am
>> hurt green valley middle school principal was at the federal and said the school has been greatly affected by this tragedy. he's as grief counselors will be available for this to end as long as it is needed. >> as that of a jury found of man guilty of killing his girlfriend was sane when he would commit a murder. jurors rejected peter shui's claimed he was insane when he stabbed lijia zheng 11 times with a kitchen knife in august of 2011. does the same jury that found him guilty of second-degree murder on wednesday. defense lawyers tried argue that he ofsuffered from psychosis and he told a doctor that the victim's face transformed into the face of the devil prioress stabbing her. of course the jury
6:53 am
didn't buy it. a key piece of evidence that hurt his defense was a novel on call worried told the dispatcher that he and his reference to many times because she kept yelling at him. standards as the giants fans to take a large for ferry to the games will lead bank the $11.10 way this season. under proposed by the golden gate bridge, highway and transportation district, the special event. ticket will cost $9 and there'll be a $2 service fee at a buy tickets .com. last july when there was service fees was $9.75 to $10. the district has tentatively scheduled a public hearing march 7th of the two hour flight service charge per ticket what it is bridges the had to guess at how, on line or by fall. oakland mayor jean kwon is speaking out about the guidelines of the oakland a's will have to fulfil a the team is serious about making the move to san jose. there kwon says the move is still not official of the guidelines are for
6:54 am
clarification purposes. but the athletics alder lew wolf is not willing to consider sticking with oakland, others said want the team are. >> i believe you can provide world-class stadium at two different locations and we are willing to do that. i think we have to look at that. as i said there's a long day in oakland or people have made offers. there is a group of people with enough money and quite frankly they are able to build a new stadium. >> merely base was not formally commented on publicly mayor wants to basel stadium sites. san jose merritt mayor chuck
6:55 am
reed says moving the team to san jose should be an easy decision. he says the only question that remains is what will happen. reed says " we have the slight, the economics are compelling and eventually it will happen. mary also says he is in constant contact with a's owner lew wolf and both are optimistic, will happen. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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>> after the kron4 morning news don't forget to catch up dr. phil. today he talks
6:59 am
on overprotective helicopter mom. she did she learn to take a setback on our kids to become independent? find out attend at after the kron4 morning news. >> still had a car for morning news will have more on the deadly crash of a popular stretch of las vegas strip, one of those killed was from oakland. we're also waiting to hear an update from caltrans on the crane collapsed along and new eastern span of the bay bridge. and cal beets are ranked oregon making their case for the n.c.a.a. tournament. that is the world according to gary at 7:45 a.m..


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